Tattoo Medics

Why a Physician?

Richard Rosol, MD, built TattooMedics Laser Tattoo Removal to bring the highest quality service and technology to Rhode Island. Since medical-grade lasers in the wrong hands can be permanently damaging, he believes that any laser procedure is best left to a licensed and experienced physician. Whether it’s removal of a large tattoo or just a tiny freckle, Dr. Rosol performs every treatment and oversees every step of your care and recovery.

At TattooMedics Laser Tattoo Removal, patient safety is our highest priority. All care is delivered according to established clinical guidelines.

Dr. Richard Rosol

Dr. Richard Rosol is a Rhode Island licensed physician dedicated to providing attentive, personalized skin improvement services. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Choosing a physician for your skin procedures means greater safety, optimal results, better numbing options, and more peace of mind.