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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Tattoo Removal

How Does it Work?

Our laser’s highly-focused light energy shatters ink particles in your skin’s live layer. Your body’s natural cleaning and filtering system then picks up and disposes of the fragments.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our pricing is extremely competitive, even when compared to non-physicians using older technology.  Since the cost of laser tattoo removal is extremely specific to the tattoo, we can generate price quotes in person only, during a free consultation.

Can I Get a Price Over the Phone or Send a Photo?

Tattoos must be examined in person for accurate pricing to be given. Consultations are fast, free, and a perfect way to meet us, tour our beautiful facility, and get your questions answered.

Is it Safe?

In the hands of a physician, it’s extremely safe. TattooMedics complies with all safety standards required by OSHA, in a clean and modern facility. Dr. Rosol follows evidence-based guidelines for best, safest results.

Does it Leave Scars or Other Marks?

Scarring is extremely rare with the PicoSure laser. Changes in your skin’s background pigment can happen and are usually temporary.

Can You Remove My Permanent Eyebrows?

Yes! TattooMedics has 7 years of experience with all types of tattooed and micro-bladed eyebrows. For safety reasons, eyebrow removal should be done only by a licensed medical provider. Our Picosecond laser ensures no disruption of growth for your precious natural brows. Shaving of natural brows isn’t even necessary for great results!

Can You Remove My Permanent Eyeliner?

Very special eye shielding is required for eyelid tattoo removal, and TattooMedics does not provide this service at this time.

Can TattooMedics Remove My SMP?

Since 2015 we have achieved excellent results removing poorly done scalp micropigmentation applications!

Does it Hurt?

It can, but it shouldn’t. We don’t recommend undergoing treatments without anesthetics. Dr. Rosol, being a licensed physician, offers more effective numbing options than our competitors can. Most health insurance prescription plans cover the cost of numbing medications.

If you are a candidate for EMLA cream, the following video shows how to apply it properly.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

With so many different kinds of people and tattoos, there isn’t an easy answer to this very important question. No reliable method exists to predict the number of treatment you might need. The truthful answer is “How ever many it takes to remove all ink to your satisfaction.” That could be anywhere from one (for the lightest stick & poke) to upwards of twenty (for newer or darker tattoos). When you see us for a free consultation, we’ll do our best to prepare you how easy or difficult your tattoo might be, to help you make an informed decision. We promise to give you the most technologically advanced treatment possible—every time.

Can You Definitely Remove My Tattoo?

Some colors (black, blue, and green) are generally easier to remove than others. We usually can’t know the exact composition of your tattoo ink, nor can we always predict how your particular skin will respond to treatment. Most tattoos cooperate extremely well and vanish completely. While we can’t promise we’ll erase every tattoo without a trace, we believe you have the very best shot at removal with TattooMedics.

What if I'm Pregnant? Can I Still Have My Tattoo Removed?

We’ll wait for the baby to come and then get right on that tattoo.

What's the Ugliest Tattoo You've Ever Removed?

As with any medical practice, we adhere to strict doctor/patient confidentiality. Sometimes our patients give us permission to share their stories and pictures. We hope someday soon to add your success story to our Before & After gallery!

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