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I just had my 5th tattoo removal appointment. I have been remiss for not sharing my experiences sooner. The office, including the waiting area, consultation room and procedure rooms are all immaculate. Enrico, the office manager is friendly and professional. Dr. Rosol is equally friendly and professional. I knew from the beginning my tattoo removal would take a good number of visits because it was relatively new. Every detail, the pricing, the procedure etc. was explained before I started the process. As to the procedure itself, I find it to be just about pain free. Honestly between the numbing cream, the ice pack Dr. Rosol applies just before applying the PicoSure laser and the speediness of the laser itself… it really is easy!. Thank you Dr Rosol and Enrico. You two rock


I went today for my first session for laser tattoo removal. I was so nervous about the pain but with the lidocaine I felt nothing! Everyone in the office was so nice and professional. I’m confident in the removal plan and can’t wait to continue sessions!


Dr. Rosol is amazing! I had one treatment elsewhere using the same technique and the pain was absolutely intolerable. Heard about Tattoo Medics and I am so glad I did. Three treatments in and there is hardly any pain. When someone like Dr. Rosol knows what they are doing, the experience is completely tolerable. Their office is clean, organized, and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who wants their tattoo removed.


Tattoo Medics is simply the best!!! Dr. Rosol and his staff are professional, pleasant, and provide excellent service. The facility is clean and inviting. My journey through the world of tattoo removal started 4 years ago. I have been through 3 other tattoo removal facilities in RI and Boston and was very frustrated with the process, care, and results that I received. I was tired of putting my health in the hands of technicians that claimed to have been working with a licensed dermatologist whom I never met. I was frustrated and ready to quit, I decided to try one more place and that’s when I found Tattoo Medics.

Dr. Rosol is a physician who is highly trained in the science of tattoo removal. He takes the time to explain the procedure and is honest about what to expect and is attentive to providing the best care for his clients. I cannot express how happy I am that I found Tattoo Medics. The knowledge, expertise, and therapeutic communication that Dr. Rosol provides for his clients is remarkable. The numbing cream that is prescribed makes all the difference, the procedure is nearly painless. The prices are reasonable and the results speak for themselves. The results I have achieved at Tattoo Medics in less than a year far surpass the 3 previous years and places. It’s amazing!!!

If you have a tattoo that you just don’t want on your body anymore, Tattoo Medics is the place for you. Best decision I ever made!!!!


Overall the experience at TattooMedics has been great. I am on my fourth treatment and my tattoo is basically gone. The doc is super nice and makes you feel at home. The prices are reasonable and the numbing cream makes it completely pain free!


Now that I’m a mom, my tattoos don’t really fit me anymore. I have tattoos I don’t want my kids to see. That’s what brought me to TattooMedics. I immediately felt very comfortable. The business is very clean, and welcoming. I found Richard to be caring, calming and very knowledgeable. He thoroughly explained my treatment plan clearly and set my expectations. I made the right choice and would absolutely recommend TattooMedics for Tattoo Removal.


I am so happy I found this establishment. I had old microbladed eyebrow tattoos that never completely faded contrary to what I was told when I got them. I tried a saline removal procedure at another business and it did absolutely nothing. I then found TattooMedics and I am so pleased with my results after just one session. They just gained a continued and loyal customer for the rest of my tattoo removals going forward, and I have many!


When the ink from two of my tattoos began progressively migrating (which resulted in what appeared to be very large bruises), TattooMedics was the second business I reached out to for assistance; I only wish they had been the first, as my consult with the other business was extremely unsettling (I was told I would be left with scarring, the cost was outrageous, and when I attempted to get my $80 deposit back less than 24 hours later, they refused).

Dr. Rosol and his team were such a breath of fresh air. They were so incredibly kind, considerate, and knowledgeable. Every part of the procedure, the science behind it, and what to expect, were explained to me eloquently and in great detail. Not only was the facility immaculately clean, but it also had a warm and welcoming feel – especially with a team that was so polite, respectful and supportive. I am so impressed and so deeply grateful for how wonderfully they treat their clients. It may just seem like a procedure for some, but you can truly feel how deeply they care and have such passion for what they do.


I got a several tattoos over the years when I was younger and, as I have gotten older, I decided I no longer wanted a couple of them on my skin for different reasons. One of them was just a spur of the moment tattoo that I regretted shortly after it was permanently on my arm. It stretches down most of my tricep and is not easily covered up when I wear a t-shirt which can sometimes be difficult since I work in an office environment. The other was a matching tattoo I got with my ex-wife and wanted to be sure to close that chapter of my life. Now that I have established a much happier point in my life, I want to make sure I don’t have something like that permanently on my body as a reminder of the past. I am really excited to clear my “canvas” and eliminate some mistakes I made when I was younger and a little more impulsive than I am now. Now that I am older (and wiser?) I may even decide to get some new ink where the old ones were located – – but probably after much more deliberate thought about what to get.

My experience with TattooMedics has been great so far. My initial consultation with Richard was very concise and enjoyable. He presented me with clear and fair quotes to remove both tattoos based on what his expectations were regarding how many treatments would be needed. Richard and Roy are both very friendly guys and I immediately felt welcome in the office as soon as I entered. The environment is very clean and inviting which makes coming for my appointments very pleasant. This place is focused on doing tattoo removal right, and it shows. And after only 3 treatments on one of my tattoos, it is almost completely erased from my arm. What more can I say, TattooMedics rocks!!


I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Rosol, Enrico, and TattooMedics as a whole. I have learned so much about the tattoo removal process from Dr. Rosol’s extensive knowledge. I would never trust anyone else with this procedure. The cherry on top is that the numbing cream applied beforehand makes the process less painful than getting a tattoo itself!


I had my first treatment today and I can’t say anything but good feedback. Prior to my first appointment I was nervous about trusting a place in removing two tattoos that I had done 10 years ago. The numbing cream that is prescribed works phenomenal. Before fully starting the treatment, the laser was tested on a small part of my skin to see my reaction and I could not even feel it happening. The treatment went by pretty quickly and I’m super happy with knowing how little pain I felt. If I had to describe the pain I’d say maybe a two out of 10 that was just in certain spots.  The establishment of super clean and very professional and I will definitely be coming back to finish removing my tattoos. 5 Stars!!!


I had my first visit yesterday, Dr Rosol was awesome he explained everything before doing anything, I was actually able to watch him laser 1 of my tattoos, very little pain, on a scale of 1-10 it was a 3 very tolerable, the numbing cream and the ice worked very well, looking forward to my second session.

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