Tattoo Medics

Laser Tattoo Removal

TattooMedics is proud to be the first PicoSure laser provider in Rhode Island. The PicoSure laser is the first major advancement in tattoo removal in decades. When our PicoSure laser blasts a high-energy flash of light a trillionth of a second long, tattoo ink doesn’t stand a chance. With picosecond technology, ink is targeted with more precision and less heat, resulting in minimal impact to surrounding tissues and reduced downtime. This means better results with each treatment and fewer trips to us.

Despite its great power, the PicoSure is one of the safest lasers available. In the hands of a physician, you can be assured of the very safest and most effective treatment.

Have you been trying to remove a stubborn tattoo elsewhere without success? Bring it to TattooMedics, and let our PicoSure finish it off.