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What Patients are Saying

Everyone in the office was so nice and professional.

When someone like Dr. Rosol knows what they are doing, the experience is completely tolerable.

Dr. Rosol, Enrico and Liz are a top notch professional and personable team. I SO enjoy seeing them at my appointment.

They just gained a continued and loyal customer for the rest of my tattoo removals.

Just the best, knowledge, working only with the latest technology. Office is so clean and very affordable.

The numbing cream that is prescribed makes all the difference, the procedure is nearly painless.

I am so impressed and so deeply grateful for how wonderfully they treat their clients.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Rosol, Enrico, and TattooMedics as a whole.

I had my first treatment today and I can’t say anything but good feedback.

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